About me



Although I go by the name “The Retirement Dude” in this Blog, my real name is Kevin Brezina. I am an Engineer with a local Telecommunications company and have been in Telecommunications since 1997. I have also been investing since then.

You may be thinking, Kevin, why would you create an early retirement blog? You may not have been, but you are now.

Well, it’s because I hope my children will read this and learn from my experience and the experience of others. The information and conversations in this will come from learned experience. I hope they understand that money is not everything, happiness is, but if used wisely money is a tool that can make your quality of life better.

first stock purchase: Oracle.

first investment mistake: Buying WorldCom in 2000.

second investment mistake: cashing out a 401k to buy an entertainment package when I left MCIWorldcom.

first investing book  read: The Motley Fool Investment Guide: How The Fool Beats Wall Street’s Wise Men And How You Can Too.

favorite personal finance book: Dave Ramsey, Financial Peace.[sg_popup id=1]

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