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calculate your taxes ahead of time so you don’t give the Government free money

Why give the government an interest free loan? Would they do the same for you? NO! And yet, 8 out of 10 Income Tax filers receive a refund from the IRS.          Source of chart: Money.cnn.com  Let’s say in 2016 you make 50k this year and are single. You’ll owe $5683.50 in Federal taxes (not […]

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Save Yourself First

You must save yourself before all others. You will then have the means to save the others.

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In the beginning

Money Plan – aka Goals

Creating money goals?

#1. Save an emergency fund.

#2. Pay off all of your debt (not including your home).

#3. Save 3 months or more of living expenses.

#4. Pay off your home.

#5. Begin saving 15% of your income.

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